What's an IZAKAYA?

Welcome to Shigezo Izakaya!

Have you been to an Izakaya before?

An Izakaya is a great place to share a night over drinks with friends, family and great food. It is a Pub! Treat it as such J

Izakaya style service differs greatly from most western restaurants. There are no courses, appetizers or entrees. Each dish will just come out as soon as it’s ready.


So, what is a good way to order at an Izakaya?

Here are some tips:

·         Everyone should order drinks individually but usually one person will order food for the table with everyone contributing ideas.

It is ok to interject with a dish you must have!

·         Food does not come out in any particular order. Salads, soup or sushi, for instance, do not necessarily come first.

·         For that reason, it is important to order a variety of different dishes and to order enough of each dish for everyone to share.

Sharing is an important part of the true Izakaya experience!

·         However, ramen is often ordered towards the end of the meal followed by dessert and tea, but it doesn’t have to be!

·         It is good to make a robust order to start but it is common to place many orders throughout the meal as needed.

Don’t be afraid to order many times.

Enjoy your time with us at Shigezo